Date: June 5th 2008

Well, my first attempt at disabling the Avira AntiVir nags screens failed with the latest updates from Avira on 5/30/08. Like myself, I'm sure everyone else who has now installed Avira AntiVir is seeing these darn nag screens pop up when the virus definitions update.

Unfortunately, I had only a few days of experience with AntiVir when I came up with the first disabling method, and had no way to see how it was going to hold up over the long term in the face of updates from Avira.

I've taken another stab at resolving this issue now that I have a bit more experience with AntiVir.

I've developed a new program that hopefully resolves this issue. It can be downloaded from:

Avira AntiVir Nag Screen Disabler

Just click on the above link and then click on the "Run" button when the "File Download" windows pops up (and click "Run" again when the next window pops up.) Then follow subsequent instructions from the program. Note that in some cases your email reader may not present a "Run" option when you click on the link, in which case you'll have to save the file to your desktop, and then double-click the resulting desktop icon.

I've tested this program on XP Pro, XP Home, and Vista Business.

(BTW, I've incorporated the new disabling method in my AntiVir installer that can be downloaded from my web site, so any subsequent AntiVir installs on new systems will use the new disabling method. So if you haven't installed Avira AntiVir, you can uninstall the old AVG, and then obtain the new installer from:

Avira AntiVir Installer

Basil Irwin


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